Answers to some of your questions


Living expenses

Reasonable expenses related to the pregnancy may be covered by your adopting family. Expenses that are eligible include: rent, utilities, telephone, food, clothing, transportation, and medical bills is you are uninsured.

You will also be able to receive a few weeks of living expense assistance once your baby is born. All of the financial assistance you receive will comply with Kansas Adoption Law and we will help you with making these requests.

birth fathers

A birth father, or putative father, is a man who claims to be the biological father of a child, when paternity has not been legally established. If the birthfather is unknown, or you don't know how to locate him, his parental rights may be terminated by publication notice in the last known area of residence. It is usually wise to have an attorney for, as his rights will be terminated. The adoptive couple will usually pay for his attorney unless he wants to contest the adoption.

The birth father does not have to be notified of the birth of the baby, BUT, he must be notified prior to termination of parental rights. If you are unmarried, his name will not appear on the birth certificate unless he consents in writing.

finding a family

There are several ways to find the family that is right for you and your baby. I work with adopting couples and keep profiles in my office that you can review. I also work with an adoption agency who also works with many singles and couples who are wanting to adopt. No matter how you find the perfect family for you, you will be treated with respect throughout the process and your privacy with be respected.

Parental Rights

You will not be asked to sign either a consent or relinquishment until 12 hours after the birth of your baby. If you choose, you can use all or none of this time to spend with the baby. This will also give you one more chance to decide whether this is the right decision for you. Once you have signed the consent or relinquishment, you may not change your mind. Your parental rights will be formally terminated at the finalization hearing and you will no longer have any rights or obligations to the child.

During your pregnancy, it is good to make a plan with your adopting couple to decide what type and how much contact you may have with the baby. I like to encourage everyone that I work with to really talk this point through so that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect.

I'm under 18

A minor can consent to an adoption. However, you will have a different attorney than your adopting couple. If I am representing you, I will make sure that you understand the consequences of the consent/relinquishment prior to signing it and I will be there with you when you do.

types of adoption

  • Open Adoption

In an open adoption both the birth parents and the adopting parents know one another before the baby is born. Before the birth you will exchange telephone numbers and develop a relationship and create a bond that will likely last a lifetime. The amount of contact that you have with one another depends upon what you both find agreeable.

One or both of the parent(s) may go with you to doctor's appointments and be with you in the delivery room. 

  • Semi-Open Adoption / Semi-Closed Adoption

This type of adoption is controlled by you and what you have identified in your birth plan. Rather than face-to-face meetings after the baby is born, you may choose to receive pictures and letters at various times.

  • Closed Adoption

You may decide that after you have chosen the family to adopt your baby, you desire privacy so that you can move on to other aspects in your life. You will not have exchanged identifying information with the parent(s) and you will not have contact once the baby is placed with them.

getting started

You don't have to decide this minute. Someone is available 24/7 once you have made up your mind. Whether you are a few weeks pregnant or in your last trimester, we work with women at every stage of pregnancy, even after the baby has been born.

Once you have decided, contact me to set up a meeting . I can come to you or we can meet wherever you are most comfortable—your home, a public place, or our office. You and I will talk about what you’re thinking, I'll answer your questions and help you put together a birth plan that works for you. We will talk about the legal process, how I can help you financially, and help you design an adoption plan for your baby that is what you want. Don't worry, you are never obligated to keep going and can stop working with me at any time if you choose not to proceed with your plan.You can call or text me at (785) 217-4603, or can send me an email @

I have a lot of respect for my birth mother. I know she must have had a lot of love for me to want to give what she thought was a better change
— Faith Hill