I work with families wishing to adopt through all stages of the process, from initial consultation to finalization. Because Kansas strictly forbids attorneys from finding a child for clients, I provide pointers to help you carefully locate birth families, especially via the Internet.

There are two basic types of adoptions: open adoption and closed adoption

  • Open: Birth parents have direct contact with the adoptive parents before and after the adoption. The birth parents decide how much information they want to know or share. Together with the adoptive parents, they also decide how much contact they want with the adoptive parents and the child once the adoption is finalized. (Kansas is an open adoption state.)
  • Closed: Birth parents may be given some non-identifying information about the adoptive parents, but have no specific information about the adoptive parents. The adoptive parents learn about the birth parents and are given information that might help them care for the child.

Rest assured that I will provide safe and confidential services in a caring environment to assist in making decisions that best fit your family's needs. When you make the decision to adopt, and are ready to add your name to my adoptive family pool, please return the Adoption Intake Form to my email me at: so we can begin the adoption process. 

Lisa Williams